My First Home: The Master Bedroom

So this is the result of my bedroom makeover in my new place! Started totally from scratch with this room, so had to buy all new items. Months before I even bought the townhome, I’d been planning the look of my ideal space. I put together a quick mood board. Surprisingly, not too much has changed!

For the bedding, I’ve been wanting to try something with ruching. I think this four-piece comforter set from Overstock is perfect! The dresser/chest I originally chose was just an example of what I was looking for. I knew I was going to visit this local shop called Twigs & Twine to see if I could find a mid-century dresser. They always have interesting vintage and antique pieces. (The one I found was only $350 and in pretty good condition–a better quality than you’d find in most affordable furniture stores, too!)

I did change the nightstand lamp and picked out one I found at another antique store and also chose a different table for the nightstand (and added an extra table elsewhere), though I knew for the nightstand I wanted something dark and open without drawers so I could use an alternative storage method.


Also, since I have two cats, I picked up a cozy fur throw from World Market, which they absolutely love. (I use it on my bed now to cut down on fur showing up on the bedding.) I’ve always wanted a chaise lounge, too, and I’d been eyeing this one at my day job for the longest time. I figured this would be the perfect room to incorporate it into!

The chandelier…yes. I got it from World Market and I love it. Takes advantage of my vaulted ceilings and adds so much elegance. I also picked up a faux tree and basket from IKEA and purchased a frame with some of my photography (not shown) in it to fill in this awkward space behind my door. Greenery, live or not, always adds a nice touch of life. (There’s one of my kitties, Kit Kat, lurking in the hall, too.)

I have this thing for clocks (my living room is proof of this), so I had to find something with a retro vibe and plant it somewhere in the room. Found this one at Target. Not your typical placement for a clock, I think, but I feel it balances out the other side of the bed nicely, since it’s got my nightstand and a tall vintage lamp over there.


I used a lot of decorative storage options: woven baskets, fabric bins and metal canisters, even a glass bowl. Baskets especially. I think I’m addicted to those now. (Wait ’til I share the rest of my house. You’ll see what I mean.) They’re all such chic ways to hide clutter and stuff that just doesn’t showcase very well on its own!

That’s pretty much it. As of now, my house is complete. I just haven’t been able to take photographs of everything yet. Just when you think you’re finished fixing up the place, something else happens…like your washing machine leaking, eh.

As for the bedroom, sources for everything I purchased include (but are not limited to):

If you’re wondering where I purchased a specific item that I didn’t mention, let me know in the comments (or in a repost) and I’ll do my best to give you a specific answer. :) You could also check out my Pinterest board I’ve been using to research items and gather ideas.

Have a blank space that you want filled but don’t know where to start? I’d love to help! Check out my VM&D page to learn more about my local and e-design services.


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