My First Home: The Patio

(For updated images of this project, check out Part II.)

I usually wait until I can take some shots with my Canon before sharing pictures, but I’ve had most of my patio done for a while now and just recently got my globe lights up. Anyway, I thought I’d share some of my Instagram shots of what it looks like, as well as links to sources!

Patio Mix 4 (text)

Bench | Fountain | Bistro Set & Umbrella | Seat Cushions | Rug & Bunny | Globe Lights | Red Pillow | Multi-Color Pillow | Pots, Plants & Tray

It won’t be easy to get broader shots of this small area, but when I get the chance I’ll do my best. :) Here is one that I did manage to capture well enough to share:


Originally I wanted to grow a vine on the back CMU (concrete masonry unit) wall as well as keep a small potted Japanese Maple on the patio someplace, but living in a townhome has its limitations and those trees get bigger than I thought! I did have the vine at one point, but it died on me. Not sure if I want to try again!

I wasn’t exactly going for a southwest look initially, but sometimes you just stumble into a place that has a lot of good things you’ve been looking for and just roll with it. That one place, for me, just so happened to be Home Depot. I got all of my plants from there as well as most of my accessories.

Talk about a one-stop shop!

The sun-and-moon wall art I ended up purchasing from a local street vendor. You can find those things just about anywhere, though, here in the Southwest. Most of my hanging plants died over the summer, save two small survivors. I will look for better drought-tolerant plants to add to the mix some other time.

I’d love to get some shots of the area at night, so we’ll see about doing that. :)

Where do you like to shop for patio items?

Share in the comments!


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