Let’s Get Personal

Hello, dear readers! I am aware I am not the most frequent of posters (should not have surprised myself with this realization, seeing as to how this is not my first blog). As such, I’ve decided to shift my focus on THHT and make things a bit more…well, personal.

So what, exactly, does that mean for you?

Visuals & Design: A Personal Approach

From now on, The Happy Home Therapist will not only maintain a focus on interior decorating, design and home decor but also broaden as a lifestyle blog. As much as I love design and visiting new stores, I sometimes don’t want to write solely about those things. I’ve always been the kind of writer that likes to write things on a whimsy, and I feel the broadness of a lifestyle blog will allow me to do this without feeling entirely guilty that I haven’t written yet another design post since two/four/six weeks prior. (In other words, the shift will make me happy.)

IMG_3174e (marked)

My bedroom makeover.

What’s more, there are plenty of information blogs out there pertaining to decorating and home decor, and since I’m not a frequent poster I can’t really compete with that. Thing is I don’t much feel like competing with anyone. I’m more interested in sharing, with you, things I find pleasure in and at my own pace–that is my perspectives, experiences and creations. I also think my love for vintage and retro items as well as places and things with history are part of what makes my POV unique, so I’d like to play that up more…

…which is precisely why I’d like to take THHT in a (somewhat) new direction.

So ask yourself, dear readers. Do you:

  • Enjoy hunting for unique finds for your home (or even your wardrobe) on your spare time;
  • Like exploring environments and venues that are architecturally interesting or have history to them;
  • Take pleasure in figuring out how to mix and match things eclectically; or
  • Seek inspiration by stalking your favorite designers’ social media haunts to see how she decorates her home (or her clients’ homes)?

If you answered a joyful “yes!” to any of the above, then you may just find yourself at home on the new THHT. :) (Psst, I’m quite active on Instagram and Pinterest, as well!)

Mood board for a client's nursery project. | The Happy Home Therapist

In my upcoming posts, I think I’ll share some of the changes I’ve made to my bedroom and living room as well as some progress I’ve made with my patio. In the meantime, I’ll see about getting some photos of a client project that’s been completed from last year and check in with a client who wanted help with a nursery!



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