Feature image for updated 80s townhome bedroom makeover. | The Happy Home Therapist

My First Home: The Bedroom + Updates

I don’t think I ever shared a complete post on my bedroom makeover before since I started blogging on WordPress (edit: I lied; just checked and found this post), but when I initially transformed my 1980’s townhome bedroom, the result looked something like this:

"Before" and "after" of my 80s townhome bedroom makeover. | The Happy Home Therapist

And this is what the whole room looked like before:

The "before" view of my townhome bedroom transformation. | The Happy Home Therapist

The Concept

It really was a blank slate starting off. All of the walls in my townhome were originally a tan. One of the first things I did before moving in was repaint most of the walls a very light taupy gray color. Funny thing: I had put together a concept board long before I even knew I’d be buying a home. I knew I wanted this room to be a mix of at least one vintage mid-century modern find (the dresser) and more elegant pieces with traditional flare. Very eclectic.

Concept board for my bedroom in my first home. | The Happy Home Therapist

This is how the rest actually turned out.

Vintage Eclectic Bedroom | The Happy Home Therapist

Nightstand side of my 80s townhome bedroom makeover. | The Happy Home Therapist

Not too different from the original concept, I think, but I did make a few changes after discovering that lovely little shapely green table lamp at an antique store.

Cozy Updates

So fast forward a year or so, when I started dating an awesome guy near the end of last year. One of the many, many great things about my new beau (let’s call him R) is that R has excellent taste (imo) in just about everything, as he’s pretty artistic himself (a chef). Anyway, I showed R around my new place and after having been over a few times he said to me, “Hey babe, what do you think about switching the dresser where the nightstand is?”

At first I was opposed. The reason I’d set the nightstand on the left of the bed is because that’s the side I normally sleep on. However, the more I thought about his idea the more I realized how much better the view would be if the dresser and leaning flower artwork were the first things you saw walking into the room, rather than the carved wood medallion. (Originally I had three of the medallions for my wall, but two got damaged in the process of moving.)

My bedroom makeover. | The Happy Home Therapist

As much as I love the medallion, it doesn’t fill that large wall by the window as much as I’d hoped. Switching the dresser and nightstand placements actually would help solve that problem!

After giving it some thought, I decided to give my boyfriend’s idea a try. Well…this is what it looks like walking into the room now:

View walking into an updated version of my 80s townhome bedroom makeover. | The Happy Home Therapist

New pillows in my updated 80s townhome bedroom makeover. | The Happy Home Therapist

Not bad, eh? Lots more inviting, I think! I even added more green into the space by purchasing a new throw blanket from Home Goods for my kitties and some large, plush pillows from World Market, shown below. (The walls look taupier here because of a warmer white balance setting I used. Also, the throw looks closer to a taupe or gray but it’s really more of a sage green. Just doesn’t show that way in the photos.)

Anyway, I think the new additions really help pull everything together and make the space feel that much cozier. ^_^ (And for a natural minimalist, that’s an accomplishment!)

What do you think of the changes I made?

Let me know in the comments!


2 thoughts on “My First Home: The Bedroom + Updates

  1. Christine @ Rustic & Refined says:

    Loving your Bedroom! (Wow did that sound like a stalker or what?) lol That headboard is wonderful and I am having a serious crush on the pops of green you used and the plant. Is that a boxwood? Doesn’t matter. Love it! Can you come do mine? lol

    I would love if you have a minute to linkup this post over at a 5 blog link party that I co-host. I really think my readers would love it! http://www.rustic-refined.com

    If not, no worries…I am still loving your blog and your room makeover. You did a great job!


  2. Sarah White says:

    I agree with “R”; the switch of the dresser looks much more inviting! I really do love the green pillows. Just adding that pop-of-color is just what the room needed! Now the lamp is the star it deserves to be and stands out more! Good call “R”! and kudos to you, Tiyana for letting go of the reigns! :)


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