Banner for my patio makeover. | The Happy Home Therapist

My First Home: The Patio (Part II)

My patio design in my first home. | The Happy Home Therapist

When I first shared images of my patio makeover, I hadn’t taken many pictures with my Canon yet. All but one photo (above) was from my cell phone. Today, I thought I’d share a few shots I took with my real camera as well as more detail about my thought process.

Patio Concept

My patio before the makeover. | The Happy Home Therapist

When I first bought my townhome over a year ago, it was pretty much a blank slate. My patio was bare with no plants or greenery. Since I’m not much of a green thumb, that was fine by me. Less things to worry about dying!

did know that I wanted to bring in some greenery, however, to add life. I wanted a vine to grow along the back wall with the gate but I haven’t found one yet that can withstand the extreme heat and sun coming from the west side of the house. To keep things simple, I decided to get a few potted plants, which seems to have worked out well for the green-less thumb here.

Anyhow, this was my initial concept for this area:

Concept for my patio makeover. | The Happy Home Therapist

My parents tried helping with staining the concrete, but it didn’t turn out right. Steps were skipped and besides that, I think the concrete needs a deep, deep cleaning for a stain to take and hold. I thought maybe a pygmy Japanese Maple existed that was small enough to fit on the patio without breaking HOA policies, but I haven’t come across such a plant that could work in the Arizona environment. Still, the colors and vintagey “feel” of this board to manage to translate to the final design, I think. I also added some additional elements, as you’ll see below, to pull out more of the colors I wanted to use.

Basically, I wanted a mix of vintage and contemporary elements with some plants that had reddish tones to them. I also wanted the space to feel very natural.

Patio Makeover


Backdoor shot of my patio makeover. | The Happy Home Therapist

When I was looking for plants and pots at Home Depot, I came across some pillows that I liked and the patio took on a very Southwest vibe unintentionally. To go along with this theme, I found this metal sun and moon artwork from a local street side vendor to work with the colors I chose while the furniture, sourced from At Home and American Furniture Warehouse, brought in some very vintagey industrial vibes. I even found a hose reel from Home Depot that mimics the designs on the bistro set!

Here are some shots of the patio at night with the globe lights:

Since my style is often eclectic, there are times I will try things that I find I have to tweak a little to really pull everything together seamlessly. For the most part, I am happy with how the patio turned out, despite complications along the way. Though, I’m sure I will make additional changes over time–like changing the rug to something a bit more contemporary, and finding and growing a vine that I can’t kill to cover the back wall. (Don’t worry; I’ll take pictures!)

Anyhow, that’s all for this segment. :) Thanks for reading!


3 thoughts on “My First Home: The Patio (Part II)

  1. Sarah White says:

    Yeah…lesson learned! FYI do your research and follow all the steps for patio staining, Lol…I love the patio! It is so comfortable and inviting! :)


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