Visual Merchandising at Living Spaces

So recently I started a new job working as a visual merchandiser (VM) for a really cool company called Living Spaces, and I’m super excited. I have been visiting their stores on and off (even shopped there for one of my clients) and have been wanting to work with them for several years now. It wasn’t until recently that I learned they even had any visual merchandising positions available. (Before, I only saw postings for sales positions.) Even better: they’re opening a new store soon within 15 minutes from my home in Gilbert, AZ!

Display at Living Spaces in Phoenix, AZ. || The Happy Home Therapist

The first couple of days I spent shadowing the VMs at the Phoenix store–picking up on some of the lingo, learning how to use certain equipment, how things were generally done at the store. I’m coming in at an interesting time because the company is implementing a new set of visual standards and guidelines for us VMs to practice throughout their showrooms. I mention this because it became very clear to me early on that the VMs have been quite busy! As such, I’ve had the opportunity to help out around the store with some blank areas and older display in the store that needed filling or a refresh.

Within the first two days, I worked on seven vignettes. I still had to learn the new standards, so I’ll need to go back and edit a couple of the displays I worked on. Still, I had the opportunity to learn some useful systems and just generally where and how to go about getting things done.

Display at Living Spaces in Phoenix, AZ. || The Happy Home Therapist

This week I learned a lot more about the company’s brand and tons about the particulars of the new visual standards. (Having it printed out now, it’s pretty much like our visual Bible). I’m not used to following such a detailed set of rules and guidelines, but a lot of it is common sense and I understand the usefulness of it all. I suspect I will catch on soon enough.

Display at Living Spaces in Phoenix, AZ. || The Happy Home Therapist

I have to say that Living Spaces has an amazingly refreshing culture and it’s been a real pleasure working with the team so far. Also, I absolutely love their merchandise and I’m so excited and honored to be joining this innovative and growing company on their journey to become the #1 home furnishings brand in the USA!

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