What’s your design style?

Hi, everyone! So yesterday I got to playing around with a quiz maker called Qzzr and couldn’t help but put together a little something that can help readers (and my potential clients!) zero down on their design style. Of course, everyone is unique–and with the right quiz maker (or the upgraded version of the one I used) you could probably get even more detailed and accurate results. This one is just a quick and easy tool to give you a general sense of where you fall on the design spectrum most of the time.

Curious to see what your results will be? Click here to take the quiz!

What design style did you get?

I got Contemporary! I’d say that’s pretty accurate. Though I consider myself eclectic, it’s not to the point of going too far off the wall. I take small risks here and there and am usually trying things that are/eventually become trendy within a year or so. In other words, I like to push the envelope just enough to stay on top of the curve.

So, did you take the quiz? If so, let me know what your results were and if you feel like it’s a good fit for you!


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