Flipping Vintage Furniture: Autumn Lineup

Hi, everyone! It’s been a while, eh? I’ve been keeping pretty busy (helped open a new store, testing a new business venture…) so I wanted to share a bit about what I’ve been up to lately. (Hint: it involves vintage furniture, fresh new fabrics, and a whole lot of faith that maybe…I can make a bit of side cash.)

Living With an Old Soul

If you aren’t familiar with my taste in furnishings, then you should know now that I absolutely love vintage furniture. I’m especially drawn to mid-century modern design and more traditional and transitional vintage styles ranging back to Queen Anne. Simple and even elegant lines are a common theme amongst the pieces I tend to buy. As far as furniture designs go, I think the 20th was a super awesome century! So much new technology came out during that time and, as a result, furniture got very experimental, daring, and even more efficient.

It’s not unusual for people who are getting to know me for the first time to comment that I am an “old soul.” Beyond having a certain outlook on life that apparently is uncommon for my age, I’m often drawn to ideas and styles from the past in everything from fashion and design to music. If I could go back in time and live in another era, I would love to have been born in the early 1900s and lived out my prime years during the mid-century era. No question about that!

So how has this longing for things past manifested itself in  my home life? Most recently, it’s been in my desire to buy vintage chairs and “flip” them with new upholstery, finishes, and/or details, essentially giving them new life.

You might recall the time I purchased these two lovelies and had them reupholstered:

Yes, I still have them–and no, they are not for sale! (I’ve had people ask.)

But don’t worry! I’ve got a few upcoming pieces that you can soon call your own.

Buying Vintage

When I first decided I wanted to reupholster some old chairs and try to resell them, I first went to Goodwill and bought five chairs for under $55 total, which is pretty much a steal. They are in need of love, to be sure (I’ll post pics of these another day), but they have great structure. However, I was realizing I was finding mostly 70s and 80s armchairs here. If I wanted other, more distinct styles, I’d have to look elsewhere.

As if that weren’t enough, I decided to hop onto a site called OfferUp, where anyone can easily list their old stuff and find buyers for them. It’s like a more trendy version of Craigslist, I suppose, but much simpler and picture-oriented. (There’s an app for it, as well.) Very easy to use–and best of all, it’s free!

One day I’ll try my hand at estate sales and visit some flea markets (and, of course, Craigslist). Though, for now, I figured Goodwill and OfferUp would be a good starting point for dipping my toes into the “vintage” waters, so to speak.


I got lucky and found some lovely pieces from a friendly older woman who lives nearby in Phoenix. It was clear these held sentimental value for her (she’s had the chairs for over 30 years, she admitted), but alas, she had no longer had space for them in her home. Saddened to see them leave, she hoped that I would do something wonderful with them.

That’s exactly what I plan to do.

Velvets, Leathers & Plaids

I’ve pretty much always been drawn to leather and velvet as materials. Nothing says luxury like these two! (And we Leos do love our luxuries.) Lately, I’ve also been wanting to play with a contemporary take on plaid, so I found a simple, medium-scale check in a charcoal grey that I think will look fabulous on the armchair. The leather is going to be for the tufted chair. I’ve also purchased an emerald green velvet (not shown; still waiting for my order to arrive) for the leopard chair–a color that’s predicted to be a notable trend this upcoming year, as it turns out.


Overall, it’s a pretty muted palette, which I think is perfect for fall! (I found all of my upholstery at a local store called Mesa Sales & Supply. They have great quality at incredible prices!) I also plan on adding some extra details on one or two of the chairs, like antique brass nailheads. Can’t wait to see how they all turn out!

More To Come!

Stay tuned for updates on these beauties. They are sure to be breathtaking!


One thought on “Flipping Vintage Furniture: Autumn Lineup

  1. Sarah White says:

    Boy Tiyana, I love your entrepreneural spirit and the vision you have for new ventures. I can’t wait to see what you do with these pieces. I am sure you will make that lady very proud! :)


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