5 Cool Vendors That Sell Boho Home Decor

Happy New Year, everyone! As promised, I’m finally going to share some great places to shop for bohemian home decor and furniture.

“Boho” style, which thrives on the use of textures and vibrant colors as well as mixing and matching everything from vintage to contemporary to global elements, has been trending for a few years now. Though, I think it has truly come into prominence this past year. (At least on Pinterest!) While you’re likely to find a few boho items at most stores these days, there are some in particular that make it very easy to find boho decor and furnishings for your home. Depending on your budget and willingness to invest in that perfect piece to finish off your room, you may find the following vendors worthwhile to check out!

1. Anthropologie

Boho home goods at Anthropologie. | The Happy Home Therapist

1. Chainmail Chandelier | 2. Sundial Mirror | 3. Quentin Chair | 4. Marbled Solitaire Knob | 5. Teak Bottle & Vase | 6. Calliope Coffee Table | 7. Alanya Ottoman | 8. Luxe Fur Occasional Chair | 9. Mooreland Wall Art (Peacock)

Boho at Anthropologie is about as upscale boho as you’ll ever find at a retail store. Just know that if you are going to purchase anything substantial from Anthro that it isn’t going to be cheap. However, it will be unique. Anthro sells everything from furniture to home goods (and clothing, for you fashionistas), and if you’ve never been to one of their stores it’s quite the experience.

I’m pretty partial to Anthropologie and if I had the money I’d probably furnish my entire dream home in their stuff. I’d also buy a few of their $400+ pairs of leather boots, but that dream will have to wait. ^_^

If you want something boho with character and quality, you should definitely check out Anthro. It’s great! Continue reading

e-Design via Laurel & Wolf

Not long ago, I made an annoucement about me being invited to join the Laurel & Wolf design community. This was great news, as now I can not only work with clients and create e-designs for them using L&W’s easy-to-use virtual platform but also gain more exposure for my work. When I made the announcement before, I did not yet have a working link to start private projects, but that has since been fixed.

What does this mean for you?

e-Design on Laurel & Wolf

Essentially, if you’re interested in enlisting the services of an interior designer but don’t want to spend a lot of money, you can work with talented designers abroad for an affordable flat rate! (Rates start as low as $299.) The process is simple and fun. It starts with a quick style quiz that narrows down your taste in decor then asks you a short list of questions about the areas of your home (or even business) that you would like a design for.

Once that is complete, your project is opened for submissions from designers, who will submit a “first look” style board for you to consider. After you’ve picked your favorite, you will continue to work with a designer to narrow down your selections so that you are 100% in love with everything on your board. A final board is then submitted along with a furniture plan, links on where to purchase everything, and instructions on how to put it all together. All you have to do then is buy what you need and start redesigning your space!

You can also work directly with a specific designer, though you will need an invitation from her/him to get started.

Anyway, here are a few examples of First Looks I’ve put together for clients who use L&W (the second uses some of the client’s existing furniture):

Kowalski Living Room (xsmall)

Head Conversation Room (small)Thukral Living Room (small)

Work With THHT!

Want me to come up with a design for your space? Well, I’ve got a special invitation just for you. Just click on the image below to take Laurel & Wolf’s fun style quiz and get your project started today!


My First Home: The Office/Guest Room

Even though I’ve had this particular room finished for a long time now, I never got around to actually photographing it until recently. The reason? I was waiting to purchase new organizers that weren’t the bold tangerine color I brought over from living with my parents. I realized that I did have a few neutral organizers floating around already, though, to use as props for the photos–just not enough to store all my other things–so I went ahead and took some photos anyway.

The "before and after" of my modern home office renovation. | The Happy Home Therapist

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My First Home: The Patio

(For updated images of this project, check out Part II.)

I usually wait until I can take some shots with my Canon before sharing pictures, but I’ve had most of my patio done for a while now and just recently got my globe lights up. Anyway, I thought I’d share some of my Instagram shots of what it looks like, as well as links to sources!

Patio Mix 4 (text)

Bench | Fountain | Bistro Set & Umbrella | Seat Cushions | Rug & Bunny | Globe Lights | Red Pillow | Multi-Color Pillow | Pots, Plants & Tray

It won’t be easy to get broader shots of this small area, but when I get the chance I’ll do my best. :) Here is one that I did manage to capture well enough to share: Continue reading

Introducing…Your New Laurel & Wolf Designer!

Dear readers, I have some big news to share with you. Recently, I was contacted by a recruiter from Laurel & Wolf: an online interior design company that provides affordable interior design services to clients across the U.S. via e-design. Not only did they seek me out to apply to join their network of interior designers, but…

They accepted me–and very quickly, might I add!

My sample project used to apply as a designer for Laurel & Wolf. | The Happy Home Therapist

My sample project used to apply as a designer for Laurel & Wolf.

How it works: clients take a style quiz and create an account then invite designers from their Designer Directory to submit style boards for their projects. (Typically 3-5 designers will submit on any one given project.) The winning designer will have the chance to continue working with the client, resulting in a finished room(s) for a flat fee that is charged to the client.

This is a great opportunity for me to not only earn new clients but also get noticed in a very big way! I think it would be awesome to become one of their featured designers. For those interested in my services, you may still contact me directly, of course. Though, if you would like to check out my Laurel & Wolf profile and portfolio with my best work, simply click here.

Pin-tastic Boho Interiors!

So I did a lot of talking last time about how I’m going to be posting about more boho stuff, though so far I haven’t done much posting, have I? Anyway, thought I’d get the ball rolling today with some of my fave bohemian interiors I’ve come across recently that are so wonderful they’re Pin-tastic!

Top 5 Boho Interiors

Hand-Embossed Bed - anthropologie.com:

Source: Anthropologie. Continue reading

Eclectic Modern Boho Living & Dining Concept

I didn’t think I’d put together a concept for my updated living and dining room this soon, but I guess I just couldn’t wait! Before I get into my concept, I think I should share the things that I plan on keeping and working with.

Vintage Finds

I’m not 100% sure I’ve covered this on the blog before, but about a year or so before I bought my townhome I’d purchased some vintage furniture pieces, including a pair of lovely accent chairs that were originally in a worn-out celadon green velvet and a nice large sofa previously covered in a sorely outdated floral print fabric. Here is what they looked like before:

My vintage sofa and chairs before I got them reupholstered! | The Happy Home Therapist

…Now after. Continue reading

Style Obsession: Eclectic Modern Boho

So as it stands, my house is currently mostly neutral with a few accents of color here and there. Very subtle and subdued, with eclectic styles of furniture (mostly vintage and contemporary)…

Vintage Eclectic Bedroom | The Happy Home Therapist

Funny thing is that right around the time I was finalizing my last purchases after moving into my new townhome, I started craving more color… Like this kind of color:

A boho look by Emily Hernderson. | The Happy Home Therapist.

Design by Emily Henderson. Photo credit: Laure Joliet.

I blame Pinterest.

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Shop Hop: At Home

Abstract art from At Home. | The Happy Home Therapist Cute button tufted cocktail ottoman from At Home. | The Happy Home Therapist

Store Name: At Home: The Home Decor Superstore
Location: Gilbert, AZ
Other LocationsYes
Online Shopping: No
Products Viewable Online: Limited

If you haven’t heard of At Home yet, well…you’re missing out! It really is a home decor superstore–the Walmart of home decor stores, in fact! With aisles upon aisles of a wide range of products, you’re sure to find something wonderful for your home.

Rows upon rows of home decor at At Home! | The Happy Home Therapist Rows upon rows of home decor at At Home! | The Happy Home Therapist Rows upon rows of home decor at At Home! | The Happy Home Therapist

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My First Home: The Kitchen

The kitchen in my new townhome before renovations.

In November last year I made a big purchase on my first home (a townhome) and since then have been updating/upgrading it here and there. My parents and I made some somewhat pricey changes to the kitchen before I finally moved in at the end of March, but at the same time they weren’t extremely dramatic changes, at first glance (colors are still the same/similar). More like upgrades.

'Before & after' of my townhome kitchen. | The Happy Home Therapist

'Before & after' of my townhome kitchen. | The Happy Home Therapist

I really wanted to paint the walls a different color, but there was no easy way for us to get into the nooks and crannies underneath and behind the filler pieces between the walls and cabinets. That would have required taking the cabinets down, as far as I could tell–something we really couldn’t afford to do.

My townhome kitchen after renovations. | The Happy Home Therapist

Details of my townhome kitchen after renovations. | The Happy Home Therapist

After photographing this space, I’m thinking I’d like to make a few minor changes eventually–like adding a rug and possibly even an upholstered cornice board over the window to bring in some color and/or pattern. Still would love to repaint these walls eventually, but…we’ll see.

Details of my townhome kitchen after renovations. | The Happy Home Therapist

New roller shades in my townhome kitchen after renovations. | The Happy Home Therapist

Oh yeah…and the random silver microwave? Originally we were going to upgrade all the appliances to stainless steel but then decided later to just get a new microwave. I forgot to specify changing the finish back to white, haha.

Oh well. At least it goes with the new faucet and sink! (I’ll most likely be getting new appliances down the road anyway.)

Details of my townhome kitchen after renovations. | The Happy Home Therapist

Details of my townhome kitchen after renovations. | The Happy Home Therapist

Sources: Limestone Tile | Backsplash TilePlates, Cups & Napkins | Grey PlatesDecorative Chargers, Napkin Rings & Placemats | Glass Jars | Pfister Faucet | Roller Shade

Eventually I’ll get around to a proper post on my living room (featured somewhat here) and guest bathroom. I still need to purchase some new organizers for my home office/guest bedroom. My old ones are a tangerine color, and my new office is mostly neutrals and aquas. Obviously that won’t work anymore!